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Hundreds Of Teachers Join Protest

Wednesday September 26 2012

HUNDREDS of teachers across Barnsley are taking part in a 'working to contract' protest amid disputes over pay, pensions and workloads.

The industrial action, short of a full strike, starts on Wednesday (September 26) after the NUT and NASUWT unions voted on it.

The protest will vary in each school but some of the instructions given to teachers include refusing to: hand in weekly or daily plans to headteachers, complete administrative duties such as collecting money and photocopying, or supervising pupils on lunch breaks.

Roy Bowser, the Barnsley secretary for the NUT, said: "It's not a 'work to rule' protest but 'work to contract' which means doing what we are obliged to do.

"However, we are issuing a list of instructions to aid and abet members in deciding what they wish, and do not wish to do.

"The action we are proposing would enhance children's experiences in schools as things such as planning takes up many hours of members' time which could be better spent on more useful activities.

"We are hoping headteachers will look at the instructions being sent out and local issues will be resolved without strike action."

After school clubs will continue to run.

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Reply Posted by abigail bennett on Tuesday September 25 2012 at 16:42
fed up this why cant they do out of school term !!!!! get it sorted

Reply Posted by notagain! on Wednesday September 26 2012 at 11:29
oh that's lovely that isn't it? they may refuse to supervise our children during lunch break, due to them sulking over pensions! its discusting!!

Reply Posted by Diane on Thursday September 27 2012 at 16:04
Learn to spell disgusting before you use it as an insult...It isn't just about pensions.

Reply Posted by notagain! on Friday September 28 2012 at 15:15
Diane, it was a typing error! get off your high horse! and everyone is entitled to there opinion!

Reply Posted by CDM on Sunday September 30 2012 at 09:25
This is a "Work to Contract" thing...Teachers and not refusing to do any work that they are contractually obliged to do. What teachers ARE refusing to do is all the EXTRA work that is piled on top that doesn't appear in a contract anywhere. An analogy would be where you employ a plumber to fit your bathroom suite, sign a contract, agree a price, etc., and then make him do your downstairs loo as well without it ever appearing in the contract and without paying him any extra. you just wouldn't do it, would you? But that is exactly what happens to teachers. And yes, it happens in other jobs too, and those services also take action at times against it. Also note that your kids are supervised at lunch time...where I work they are supervised by senior staff, most of whom are with different unions than those that are undergoing this action...so they are not breaking the NUT and NASUWT action, and they are looking after your kids. Before ranting and raving, I would suggest calling the school where your kids are and speaking to someone...ask them to confirm what they are doing in respect to the care of your children and (in most vases, I hope) put your minds at rest that your kids are not at risk at all.

Reply Posted by CDM on Sunday September 30 2012 at 13:17
...and just before folks start moaning at my poor spelling and/or grammar...I know I made typos...I was typing one handed with one of my kids asleep on my good typing arm! :)

Reply Posted by greenginger on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 18:13
The teachers have my backing and I have 3 kids. People have been taken in by a load of politically driven media claiming that public sector workers, unions and anyone with a pension or who does a job with a decent wage are basically lazy grabbing scum. This has affected many employees including nurses, police and yes even teachers!
The actual problems are to do with inept financial management of this country by the Government who are basically trying to bleed the middle classes and working classes dry.
We should not be complaining about teachers or others who are trying to protect their pensions (into which they have paid in thousands). It is pure jealousy by people who have not paid into a pension which is causing all this nastiness and envy. A contract is a contract and the government are trying to steal peoples pensions.
As for moaning about teachers not doing enough, well that is garbage. Teachers do a damn site more with kids than many parents seem to do. School is about education not free childcare for the masses. Ps Not a teacher.