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Police Twitterthon - 12 Hours Of Incidents in Barnsley

Monday September 12 2011

Police in Barnsley tweeted over 90 incidents in a 12 hour period on Saturday in the first ever Barnsley Twitterthon.

The Twitter account @sypbarnsley was heading up the #barnsley12 tweets, with officers in custody and on the ground accounting for what they do in an average working day.

We Are Barnsley were the only media invited to go behind the scenes at the Twitterthon and here's a breakdown of the tweets as they happened from the official police accounts.

Please note, the tweets will be issued the most recent first (so they begin at 7pm and go through to 7am that morning.


One officer had to go home and change as he was left covered in blood after restraining the injured male

All officers are safe they were dealing with a voilent male who had injuries to his hands, he has been arrested
One male has been arrested for assault in connection to this incident

Elderly female found safe and well - she returned back home. Fantastic news!

Officer arrested a female in connection to shoplifting at Asda in the Town Centre area

Officers looking for the missing elderly lady are now making enquiries with the local taxis

One response officer is now dealing with the arrested person in relation to the theft of a mobile phone in the Town Centre today

Officers dealing with three shoplifters; they have been dealt with by Restorative Justice and have apologised for their actions

One officer will shortly be going to speak to a missing from home who has just returned home safe and well

Officers have arrested one male for assault, and now on route to custody

Response Inspector attending alarm activation at the school

One officer has just finished taking a statement regarding harassment and is going to speak to the alleged offender now

One officer has just finished taking a statement in relation to a high valued fraud case. He is now completing a report for CID

Officers attended, very minor damage to both busses - luckily nobody was injured.

SNT officers dispatched and are looking for the alleged Cudworth flasher

Officers attended a domestic arguement over money, one party taken to another address to calm things down

Another missing from home found in the Higham area - being returned home safe and well

Person left Town Centre store when police arrived, the shop didnt report that any offences had been committed in the shop

Response officers are attending a call from CCTV reporting an aggressive person in a shop in the Town Centre

One officer searching the Great Houghton area for missing from home person

Officers are searching for the suspect car in the Goldthorpe area

Officers attended and found a domestic arguement taking place, both parties have now been seperated to calm down

One male arrested for drunk and disorderly - SYP are liaising with BTP (British Transport Police).

Police attended incident, female has left bedroom and police currently speaking with caller offering assistance and advice

Officers in the area searching for the alleged drink drive

Reports of a drunk female in the Kendray area - officers now at the scene

Two response officer have just arrived to help deal with the domestic incident.

One officer just arrived to speak to a young girl who was reported missing last night, she returned home this morning

Two officers in the Dearne area attending an address to arrest a male who has been recalled to prision

Report of an alarm activated at premises on Keresforth Hill Road, officers present - false activation by staff on sit

@BCInspector (Alan Simpson)

More than 90 calls reported on since 7am. Signing off for the evening with tired fingers.

Report of an alledged assault on a 13-year-old male by another youth in Elsecar. No serious injury, officer to make enquiry

One make has been arrested for assault in connection to this incident

All officers are safe they were dealing with a voilent male who had injuries to his hands, he has been arrested

Report received of suspected criminal damage caused to a fish and chip shop in Bolton-on-Dearne. Officers to make enquiries

Request from a male to attend an address in Barugh Green to check on welfare of his partner following a domestic argument

Most common calls in Barnsley today - domestics, nuisance motorcycles and meat theft...

Report received of a male walking down a street in Monk Bretton sniffing glue. Officers to check on welfare.
Officer arrested a female in connection to shoplifting at Asda in the Town Centre area

A caller has reported a house burglary that occured on Wednesday night/Thursday morning in the Shafton area.

Officers on route to a report of a violent domestic in Little Houghton.

A caller has reported suspected drug dealing activity in the Kexborough area. Enquiries being made.

A caller has reported a disturbance in a food outlet in Bolton-on-Dearne. Officers on route

Report of kids playing knock-a-door run and causing a nuisance in the town centre area of Barnsley.

A female caller has just reported she has been assaulted on a street in Barnsley town centre. Officers at the scene.

Report received of a group of youths drinking on the street in Penistone. Possibly leaving Penistone Show

Report of shoplifter at ASDA on Old Mill Lane. Female detained on suspicion of stealing meat.

Caller from Goldthorpe has reported youths playing football in the street outside his home. SNT officers made aware

Report of a collision on Agnes Rd where a young girl has ridden her bike into a parked car. Officers enquiring

Report received of an elderly lady missing since 15:30 from residential home in Lundwood. Description to follow.

A caller has called to report a stolen white Transit van been found in Monk Bretton. Arrangements being made for recovery

Report of bacon, sausages and cheese stolen from a shop in Thurnsoe. Hungry female suspect, further enquiries being made.

Report received regarding threats made to a male in Barnsley town centre. Further enquiries being made.

Report received from a concerned parent whose son was given a small capsule believed to be a stink bomb. Incident closed.

More nuisance motorcycles being reported, this time at Little Houghton.

Reports received of nuisance off-road motorbike and quadbike in Cudworth Welfare Park. Information circulated to officers

Report received of threats made by ex-partner on Facebook. Caller not requesting police intervention at this stage

A call has been received to report three young females alledgedly shoplifting in Primark in the town centre.

Silent 999 call received from a phone box, believed malicious. These are calls are an offence and could put lives in danger

Report received of alleged theft from a vending machine at Barnsley Metrodome. Officers following up positive leads

Report received of a male acting suspiciously and tampering with a sign outside premises in Darfield. Officers on route.

Another call from alarm retreiving centre - alarm triggered at premises on Keresforth Hill Rd. Officers going back

Request received for police to attend a house in Lundwood to prevent a breach of the peace following a domestic incident

A report has been received of a violen domestic incident in Athersley.

Report received of suspected drug dealing in Darton. Officers in area searching for a silver Ford Focus believed involved

Caller called to report nuisance motorcycles in Royston. Response officers are on their way.

Caller has obtained a mobile phone via an exchange website which has proven to be stolen.

Caller from Shafton has reported that a fence around a field where he keeps his horses has been cut. SNT will be made aware

A caller has reported an alledged theft from a car in the Stairfoot area. An appointment has been made to pursue enquiries

Report received of a vehicle that is being driven without tax, licence or insurance in Kexborough. Officers on the look out

Caller reported a SatNav stolen from his vehicle overnight in Thurnscoe. Never leave your vehicle insecure or items on show

Officers attended, very minor damage to both busses - luckily nobody was injured.

Report of criminal damage - three windows have been put through on a property in Thurnscoe. Further enquiries to follow

A man has visited the mobile police station in Royston today to report nuisance motorcycles on private land off Grange Lane

SNT officers dispatched and are looking for the alleged Cudworth flasher

Report received of a male in the bushes at Cudworth Park 'flashing' at passing traffic.

Report of a fight between two males on High St, Goldthorpe. One male sustained hand injuries. Witnesses call 0114 2202020

A caller has reported the overnight theft of copper piping from her property. Could this be related to earlier call

A collision between two buses at Barnsley interchange has been reported, one female described as 'in shock'.

A caller from Hoyland has called to report her son has alledgedly been assaulted by another youth. Officer to call back

Caller from Kendray has reported her flat broken into overnight and property stolen. Specialist Burglary officer to attend

A caller has called to complain about domestic related criminal damage to her vehicle. Further enquiries to be made

A caller has reported the suspected theft of her purse out of a bag while shopping in Barnsley town centre

Another accidental 999 call from, child playing with phone. No assistance needed.

Call received from a third party reporting an alleged domestic incident in New Lodge area between Father and stepson.

Caller reporting theft from vehicle, rucksack containing personal items stolen. Could this be related to ealier call

Caller has provided info regarding suspected stolen car batteries being loaded into a car in Goldthorpe.

Call from repeat caller with known mental health issues. Caller not reporting anything and wasn't requesting assistance

Police attended incident, female has left bedroom and police currently speaking with caller offering assistance and advice

A caller from the Kendray area has reported that their car tyres were slashed overnight. Further investigations to be made.

Call from business premises in Hoyland over parking issues with neighbour. SNT to investigate.

Caller reported finding a small quantity of over-the-counter tablets on a Thurnscoe playing field. Further enquiries later

Anonymous call reporting male alledgedly drinking and driving after drinking all night in the Dearne area. Officers assigned

Report of a drunk female in the Kendray area refusing to leave her bedroom and causing a disturbance.

Third anonymous call, this time providing info that a person is alledgedly drink driving. SNT and traffic officers on to it

A female at Cudworth has reported a bogus official has telephoned her advising her to allow them remote access to her PC

Report of a domestic incident between Grandfather and Grandson in Hoyland.

A man from Penistone has called to make us aware that eggs have been thrown at his window. Local SNT will follow up.

A man from Penistone has reported that someone keeps letting air out of his car's tyres. Vehicle interference is a crime.

Reports of a hit and run incident at Stairfoot - Officers now dealing.

Report of a hit and run incident in the Stairfoot area involving a male and a green VW Passat.

Reported stolen vehicle last night in the Hoyland area -silver BMW reg Y192 BRU. If you have info, please call 01142202020

@SYPChInspGreen (Scott Green)

We will work with the club to identify the person responsible for setting off the smoke cannister.

Whoever set cannister off risked causing panic amongst their fans. No dangers now, but why bring that to football match?

A smoke canister has just been set off in the away end. Canister recovered


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Reply Posted by Mr, Richard Sixsmith on Monday October 3 2011 at 14:48
Yes I would like to know why we are wasting time twittering on about whats going on,but as a resident of Wombwell,cant use or find anyone at the local nick.So we have to go through to barnsley,to get to see anyone.Thats not twittering on thats serious neglect of the public in wombwell and district,when a big building like that is of no use to its locall community.twitter on that.