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School Gate Parking Warning Issued To Parents

Thursday September 6 2012

A WARNING has been issued to inconsiderate parents who are parking their cars blocking school gates.

Police officers and PCSOs will be giving warnings advice outside primary schools across the borough as part of an initiative run by South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy said: “Drivers should pay particular attention when driving outside schools and be alert for pedestrians crossing the road between parked cars,

"Let’s make sure that our children can get to school in safety. Remember that a vehicle can be a deadly weapon and the consequences of a traffic collision can be devastating for everyone involved.”

Police will be cracking down on those who park on the zig zag lines as well as asking people not to park on pavements.

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Reply Posted by mr smith on Thursday September 6 2012 at 11:50
hunningley lane is bad double parking and on pavements from gates down to bridge all cos parents lazy they must have a competition who can get closest to door traffic cant move sometimes

Reply Posted by mr jones on Thursday September 6 2012 at 20:46
royston meadstead they even block drives and park both sides of road so anything large carn,t get up or down street .

Reply Posted by Rachel Walmsley on Thursday September 6 2012 at 21:13
Was walking to school today with my two yr old in tow, to churchfields school at cudworth, i just told my son to walk on my left so that i was between him and the road when all of a sudden some silly woman bumped up the kerb smack at the side of me very nearly hitting me, if my son had been on other side of me i really dread to think? As you can imagine i went nuts at the idiot driver who thought it was acceptable to drop her child off right outside the school gates? And society wonders why children are growing obese? Surely it is not asking too much for those who MUST drive their children to school for them to park away from school and walk from their car to the school gates? Before long it is inevitable that there will be deaths occuring, if not children then maybe parents. I can't think of a time when i was more angry than i was today with that woman, so why can't we have police around schools enforcing the parking at school times? Or better still WALK TO SCHOOL

Reply Posted by nicola on Friday September 7 2012 at 07:37
whats makes me mad is they think they ave right to park on path not just abit all of it so you ave to walk on road barugh green is bad block people in there drives and on path cant walk on it they think in rite phoned police waste of time i got my pram hit the car just drove of i mouth at them now same live down strreet y cant they walk

Reply Posted by Diane on Friday September 7 2012 at 16:38
In the defence of those that park outside Hunningley School, they don't park on the zig zag lines. I don't drive but for those that do it's difficult to park anywhere else and some of the parents are driving straight from work or don't live near the school so require transport to collect their children so to call them lazy is a little harsh. Some parents have legitimate reasons for collecting their children by car. I walk to school and back and yes, I'll admit that especially on Fridays with bin collections, it is difficult to walk down the opposite side to school but unless an alternative is presented then parents must continue to park on the road. It's been like this for years and won't change any time soon and would suggest that if it is such an issue, that an alternative route be found.

Reply Posted by celia on Friday September 7 2012 at 16:39
I get extremely annoyed when parents park the car, then get the children out of the car on the drivers side, they literally put their kids into the road!! Why don't they use the passenger side and let them step safely onto the pavement? They put their own kids lives at risk!!!!!

Reply Posted by Zoe on Friday September 7 2012 at 17:56
Doncaster Rd primary school is bad too. Parents have been told they can use the East dean carpark but still park on the rd and the side streets.

Reply Posted by TC on Saturday September 8 2012 at 08:28
It beggars belief that all these new schools have been built without parking or drop off facilities. It wouldn't take much to issue permits to people who live outwith a certain distance of the school or have mobility problems & need to use their car.

Reply Posted by Mark lawsie on Saturday September 8 2012 at 19:15
Mapplewell Primary a nightmare, I live on street further down, can't get parked outside my own house at school times, parking on corners near to school so can't see round corners, even had them asking me if I'm moving my car so they can park to go and pick their kids up,when I said no cos I live here they got abusive with me, best is half of them would find it quicker to walk then park up!!!

Reply Posted by Mummyto2 on Saturday September 8 2012 at 19:16
I too, am a Churchfields at Cudworth mum who usually use the side gate but was early Friday and took a walk round to the main road front entrance. I was shocked and appalled at the people not only parking on the zig zags but pulling up and letting kids free in car to play ( a car could have come up behind and smacked into the back of it!) Iv also witnessed Childminders parking there and also leave mindees in the car whilst nipping to the reception. If I was the parent Id expect the minder to park sensibly and not leave my child alone in a car.
Makes my blood boil- if you cant respect your childs security then at least respect others!!! rant over :-)

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