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All Change For South Yorkshire Police Chopper

Thursday September 8 2011

THE Police helicopter which serves South Yorkshire - including Barnsley - is to have a new base from 2013.
The move comes after the Police instead announced a single national police helicopter service where 20 bases across the UK will serve instead of regional ones.
South Yorkshire Police will not have its own helicopter under the plans - but will be covered by a 24-hour service flying out of West Yorkshire, Humberside and Derbyshire which has a response time of 20 minutes.
A spokesman for the police said "With SYP retaining a forward operating base in Sheffield, the intention is that a helicopter deployed to support SYP would land, refuel and await further deployment from Sheffield.
"The principle behind the new service is `borderless tasking' - the helicopters will not belong to any individual force and the 20 bases will serve all forces according to priority."
The move will save South Yorkshire Police around £668,000 per year out of its budgets.

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Reply Posted by Ryan Collette Derbyshire on Friday September 9 2011 at 12:17
reponse time of 20 minutes thats a joke the criminal will have bugared off by then 

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Saturday September 10 2011 at 21:40
Having worked with the Police over many years, just as you and I do not like this, police officers do feel the same.  The air coverage plays a vital role not only for local policing, but event policing eg. football matches etc.  Now what I think is going to happen is the £668k is going to be swallowed up with event overtime for extra policing, additional IT requirements eg. CCTV coverage, additional response units when the government work out there is not enough coverage to make us safe.  Personally, watch this space and in 4 years time, come general election time, how much additional money is spent on additional measures after the crime figures are that applaling, the government are forced into it.  The problem there is that it will take a number of years to re-instate a good service due to training, and the loss of local kwowledge etc.  We need to support the police officers at the front end, as they do undertake a very valuable role and this is going to get very difficult.  The use of this resource will be a valuable loss to the front line officer.  Wait for an official response to this comment which will state that the coverage will be provided to all forces without impacting service.  So what about the loss of local knowledge, and wait for the poor sole who goes missing, the unit is scrambles from miles away, with a serious delay before they can search for missing vulnerable people.  I really would like to hear the explanation on that one when the delay time leads to a fatality which could have been prevented.