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Crackdown On Unsafe Drivers After Crash Statistics Revealed

Wednesday August 22 2012

EIGHT people were killed and almost 800 people were injured in road accidents in Barnsley last year.

The statistics - revealed as part of an awareness drive by the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership - show that 781 people were injured in collisions with another eight dying from their injuries.

A spokesman said a high portion of those involved in collisions were in the 17-25 age group.

A spokesman said: "In recent months there have been a further spate of serious collisions across the county involving that 17-25 year age group and in almost all of those incidents they could have been avoided.

"Parents are being asked to remind their son and daughters about the importance of driving sensibly. This could mean the difference between them coming home or having a visit from the Police to hear the most dreadful news a parent could ever hear."

The partnership run a programme called Drive for Life which aims to reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers by delivering two hour safety sessions.

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Reply Posted by mrs altree on Wednesday August 22 2012 at 20:58
we have someone in our street that either him or his mum drives it is not taxed or tested it has been reported but they still do it and get away with has some one got to be hurt before something is done !

Reply Posted by CLIFFORD GROVES on Saturday August 25 2012 at 17:40
After living thru my crash Last Year, im lucky 2 be breathing cause was drunk after a head injury 2 weeks pre crash. walked away from riding off 3 cars my own included which had been worked on most of that year. so really only just had it bck. when i went out for a family members birthday. dinner and a couple of drinks. which i found out 2 be triples only had 3 but still should not have been behind anything that can kill others. i only remember sliding around 50 metres into a car dealers sign. my lifes and angels saved my ass i jack knifed my nissan right at that moment it hit the dealerships cement sign. Straight into 2 other cars for sale. my only injury was a little rocked by the events and still being able 2 try 2 help others understand our lifes are meant 2 be lived in what ever way we choice 2 bring smiles. Not doing crap that only brings others tears and heart break. How fcken selfish is it 2 your own soul if u killed anyone elses Mum,Dad, Family Friend we all have lost loved 1s. myself way 2 many for anyone 2 even listen 2 all but i am living my dream or trying 2 get there cause i know others that have past wouldnt want tears fck no laughs and smiles doesnt matter what yesterday was. Bring on Tomorrows Adventures cause why not the world will always spin. we only borrow our time here im going 2 shut my mumble fck cause Slumberlands Calling Huggles and ppl pls remember there is always a choice where we all :P) ffs hehe