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Drop In Consultation For Development Plans Announced

Tuesday August 21 2012

DROP IN days where residents can put forward their views on plans to develop Barnsley have been arranged.

The changes earmarked in the Development Sites and Places plan include everything from plans for two new gypsy sites in Darfield and Carlton to developing greenbelt land across the borough for housing and employment land.

Large employment sites are proposed along the Dearne Valley Parkway - near Hoyland Common and Birdwell - and the link road near Grimethorpe.

Other sites near the Dodworth motorway junction and at Birthwaite Business Park, Darton will be extended.

Farmland between Barugh Green Road and Hermit Lane, Gawber, has also been identified as an employment site along with fields near Blacker Hill, sandwiched between the Dearne Valley Parkway and the former railway line, and to the rear of Applehaigh View at Royston.

Consultation events will be held on September 4 Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall, Darton Lane, 6-8pm and in The ‘Pod’, 18 May Day Green, Barnsley, on September 5 from 11am to 2pm and September 8, 11am to 2pm.

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Reply Posted by jayne on Tuesday August 21 2012 at 21:19
we dont want a gypsy site in darfield have enough trouble and tresspassing with the youths that are there why carnt you put them in a place out of the way buy a plot on the manvers and stick them there help the tax payers not the all for nowts would you like them next door to you dont think so so neather do i

Reply Posted by TC on Wednesday August 22 2012 at 08:34
Working people are usually forgotten about during exercises such as this so it's great to see one of the venues is open 6 - 8 on this occasion.

Reply Posted by AC on Saturday August 25 2012 at 12:33
TC the venue open 6-8 is only open during that time following a lot of pressure from the residents of Darton. Mapplewell and Staincross. There wasn't even a meeting planned for our areas, even though a lot of the proposed sits are right on our doorsteps. The handling of the consultation has been very poor. Everyone really needs to get involved in this it's going to affect us all in a huge way!

Reply Posted by Jeff g on Sunday August 26 2012 at 15:12
Whats the point of it all.nobody listens to us the people.We have a half completed residential hot spot at the back of our home.Its not completed for whatever reaon.Have the council been to look at it no !! It's now being used as a car park.the four houses already built are being let to anybody who wants them.so we have cars parking up day and night,people in cars smoking dope.Its been terrible,all the reasons why we objected in the first place,the owner doesn't give two stuffs for our well being and neither does the council.So yet again what's the point in making our views known.ITS A WASTE OF TIME !!!!

Reply Posted by Stephen Schofield on Sunday August 26 2012 at 15:13
If the proposed plans go ahead for two new gypsy sites in Darfield ' we should all protest by not paying council taxes!!

Darfield is bad enough with tear away youths ' especially ones racing up and down on mopeds at all hours!

Reply Posted by AG on Monday August 27 2012 at 08:32
I don't understand why they are looking at more "employment" sites when the large business space in Dodworth is still 90% unbuilt on.

Reply Posted by JS on Sunday September 2 2012 at 22:33
Whilst government criteria states that councils have to provide sites for travellers why another site in Darfield we already have one less than two miles away at Ings Road Low Valley which could quite easily be extended. But lets be fair why not some other area we have already got our quota. Previously two sites have been offered to the council without having to compulsory purchase for this purpose at Cudworth one owned by travellers themselves which they objected to. What about using the land around the former Barnsley main pit site which the travelling community seem to favour or the land at the side of Lyons bakery factory neither of which would encroach on existing housing estates and near to local amenities eg shops schools and transport. I am sure there are lots more sites around the borough some probably already in the ownership of the council.

Reply Posted by Lynn on Monday September 3 2012 at 14:58
excuse me but the land they are proposing in the Carlton area is near residential & local business i.e. a scrap merchant & the bakery & we as residents of this are have not been consulted or even advised by the ignorant council on their plans!!! I for one only heard about this yesterday when a flyer was posted through my door!
There is a public meeting at Carlton parish hall @ 5-7pm tonight Monday 3rd Sept
You don't want them in your area, don't assume you can just push them onto someone elses!!!

Reply Posted by E on Monday September 3 2012 at 16:36
We in Carlton are fed up of being used as a dumping ground, we do not want any more travellers sites near us put them in Silkstone or Cawthorne well silly me forgot it might lower their house prices

Reply Posted by E on Monday September 3 2012 at 20:40
We in Carlton had our meeting today, there was a good turn out it was not advertised and I got to know about from a taxi driver, sorry Barnsley council but people in Carlton do object to this site being used for the travellers pick on some else

Reply Posted by m on Monday September 3 2012 at 20:43
i plan to move very shortly to a road stuated near blacker hill & the dearne valley bypass. i know its wrong to stereotype people, however it is actually true what we read & see on our tv's. they are completely different breed. i have worked next to an illegal site. they fouled in the hedges as they do not not like to sh*t near their kitchen........ i prefer it if they didnt sh*t on my doorstep...they also have no regard for others. i would like to bet that the people who make these decisions live no where near the proposed sites.

Reply Posted by greenginger on Tuesday September 4 2012 at 15:55
@m you are so right. I went past a squatting site near Wath last week and saw a group of travellers. All in large expensive caravans with big 4 x 4's. They won't be taxed or insured. Travellers don't use indoor toilets or potties as they think it is dirty. So they do it outside, thus leaving human excretion on property where children may layer play or dog walkers go. There was loads of full bin bags littering the area and that will not be removed when they leave. If another site is pushed into the Dearne Valley then I think it will be a disgrace. Put them in Penistone, or Cawthorne or Silkstone for a change!

Reply Posted by Kitty on Wednesday September 5 2012 at 12:34
They have decided to plant themselves at the top of Cudworth... Council do nothing about it... Police are useless... Whats the point in wasting your breathe... I've sent 7/8 emails to the gypsy/traveller liaison officer and i've heard nothing back. The people who are deciding where they are going don't live near it, and whats to say that they will stick to where their suppose to be anyway??? I live near the dearne valley and i certainly don't want another site here.