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Ongoing Drug Investigation Leads To Town Centre Raids

Friday August 17 2012

POLICE raided several properties in Barnsley town centre yesterday as part of an ongoing drug operation.

Offices searched premises in Barnsley and Sheffield as part of an investigation which is still underway.

Six people were arrested and are in police custody.

A spokesman said because the investigation was still taking place, they cannot specify which properties the arrests and searches occured in.

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Reply Posted by mrs m on Friday August 17 2012 at 21:49
Ok, so you can't say what it is, where it has taken place, who was involved or why..so how is this news?!

Reply Posted by eddie on Saturday August 18 2012 at 12:28
yes thats ok raid the houses and pub in town but when they do that they only move out into the clubs and pubs and its about time they cleard some of the clubs by paying a visit to all clubs and pubs not just town centers the clubs are closeing because of drugs no one go in only the people that use drugs and dope so if they want to do something lets see you in the clubs aswell.