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Barnsley Councillor Resigns - By-Election Announced

Thursday September 8 2011

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A BARNSLEY councillor has resigned yesterday in a move that will prompt a by-election in one local community.

Coun Roy Butterwood resigned as elected member for the St. Helen’s Ward, due to personal reasons. He said: "It has not been an easy decision to make but I am quite simply unable to give the time and commitment expected of a modern day councillor - and by the people of St Helens Ward. I would like to thank everyone for their support during my time in office.”

Roy Butterwood earned his seat for New Lodge and Athersley after standing in a by-election himself in 2009 - which was called after the area councillor David Bostwick died.

At the time, Roy's win had been crucial for Labour, which in 2009, would have lost overall control of the council for the first time since the 1930s if the party had not retained the seat.

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Reply Posted by craig catlow on Sunday September 18 2011 at 08:45
If true then this is disgusting behaviour from the people mentioned and the Labour party as a whole for standing by and allowing these people to represent them, How could any parent vote for a party that allows this to go on.
Betraying their children by voting Labour is not what us Barnsley people do.

Reply Posted by Wellard67 on Tuesday September 20 2011 at 19:08
It is time to vote in a party that respects Britains people and traditions. Vote BNP

Reply Posted by Wellard67 on Tuesday September 20 2011 at 19:36
The labour 25 is shocking and disgusting its time for every right minded parent to pass this information to everyone they know

Reply Posted by The1fly on Wednesday September 21 2011 at 06:21
it seems to me that all the "other" parties are out not for the people they represent, but for their own ends. Very very few of them will stand up against their own party members and say enough is enough. People of Barnsley - VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE - get a BNP candidate in and see the changes that we all want start to happen.

Reply Posted by Barnsley Unite Against Fascism on Friday September 23 2011 at 13:58
The BNP were roundly defeated in the last by election when the Labour majority increased dramatically. It will be good to see democratic parties get the votes of St Helens ward people and for the BNP to be well defeated yet again.