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Fundraiser Organised For Two Local Lads With Diabetes

Friday August 10 2012

The gala will raise money for JDRF The gala will raise money for JDRF

A BARNSLEY dad-of-two has organised a charity football gala to raise money for diabetes research after both his sons were diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.

Eden Powell, who volunteers with Redfearns JFC and Barnsley Boys, says he hopes the event on August 19, at Redfearns, will raise some much-needed cash for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

It comes after both his sons, Keano, 18, and Kienhan, 13, were diagnosed with type 1 of the illness within a week of each other.

Eden said: "They were both diagnosed about three years ago but we came very close to losing our eldest lad as the doctors said it was asthma.

"He was 15 at the time and he was coming to training and really struggling, a few people commented saying how unfit he was but I thought that wasn't right.

"He lost a stone in weight really quickly and was guzzling water all time time. It turned out his pancreas had packed in - we were lucky we took him to the hospital when we did because you can die from it."

Both boys have to be permanently attached to an insulin pump and have their blood sugars monitored regularly.

Eden said the gala was as much about raising awareness as it was about raising money.

He added; "This isn't type 2 diabetes which can be managed by diet, this is a serious illness. My lad is 18 now and he can't do what I did, going out with my mates on a night out. He always has to watch his blood sugars and me and his mum are up in the night every two hours checking on them both. 

"If it's not controlled right they could end up in a coma. People need to realise it's not just about saying 'oh give them some chocolate, they will be fine.' It's a serious condition that people die from."

The football gala will feature food and entertainment as well as penalty shoot outs and a kick up competition.

Teams are welcome to enter for the under 8s, under 11s, under 13s and under 14s categories. Entry fees range from £25 - £35.

They are also recruiting volunteer referees to help out on the day.

If you think you can help, contact Eden on 07590315651.

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Reply Posted by john martin on Friday August 10 2012 at 20:02
hi eden the u11s is it for last seasons age group or this seasons because my u10s last season might be intrested and how much would it be mate

Reply Posted by eden powell on Sunday August 12 2012 at 19:01
Hi its 11s last year age group 2011/2012. 12 in september. so im guessing its a year up for ya.

Reply Posted by maud on Tuesday August 14 2012 at 14:45
diabetes is thought n sed t b nothing because people are so nieve but it is n gud on ya for bringing up awareness diabetes brings all kinds of problems that are life threatening it is crucial that sugar levels are kept at a level that your body can coop with my husband as add loads of problems n i worry about him and he is an adult so come on all you people out there support this cause and make yourselves aware of what these 2 kids n there parents and all other diabetics out there are going through but as a thought to the parents find out were your nearest seminar on diabetes n try to attend i did n i can now coop with most of my husbands problem these seminars are fantastic education of the problems and how to give first care which will be a fantastic help to the medics if they need to be called out gud luck lads n gud luck on your gala xx

Reply Posted by maud on Tuesday August 14 2012 at 15:05
both types of diabetese are life threatening if not managed right insulin means your pancreas is'nt workin at all so insulin does the job diet/tablet means your pancreas is not workin to the full so the tablet gives it a kick in the butt to work as it should this can bring as many problems as insulin dependent if not in control my husband first started with diet then tablet control then his pancreas gave out on him altogether at that point we were both naive to a certain point this is the reason i took the intensive seminar because we could not full understand all the problems diabetes was causing

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