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Big Names Sign Up For Barnsley Redevelopment

Friday August 10 2012

FOUR plots of land in the town centre have been handed over to the council for the redevelopment project - with three big names signing up to come to town.

The Metropolitan Centre, numbers 2-18 May Day Green, Carpet World and the former CEAG building (all previously owned by Yorkshire Forward) have been handed over to the council.

Coun Linda Burgess, cabinet spokesperson for Development, said: "We have high profile names such as Debenhams, H&M and Odeon signed up to the project already, and our development partner 1249 Regeneration Partnership is in advanced negotiations with a number of other retailers and having an on-going positive talks with market traders.

"Piece by piece, all the parts of the jigsaw are falling into place, however, there are still many milestones yet to be achieved before delivery can commence on site”.

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Reply Posted by John on Friday August 10 2012 at 10:40
The partner 1249 regeneration how much they get out of it just asking as council wasted buckets full of cash on such things and then it nether happence but the company gets there cash in millions over all

Reply Posted by sugar on Friday August 10 2012 at 11:05
well regeneration its not before time .... we behind all other towns wen it comes regeneration and
new shops
all the top shops plz consider RIVER ISLAND as a great store to have along h & m disney store debenhams etc

Reply Posted by jon on Friday August 10 2012 at 12:16
Income is generated for all concerned in going through the process. Try to answer this question first!.. How many closed stores are there in Barnsley Town Centre? please include all those closed shops in the various market complexes, Market St's low or no rent charity shops and pop up shops and include the top of Shamble Street. These are hidden from us by images of Barnsley being printed in the windows but the multi -national stores will work it out and stay away

Reply Posted by shaun on Friday August 10 2012 at 20:06
whats init for them... the council are still haggling over land near wickes hence it's took ages to complete, y wud u give away prime land in a town center..mmmm

Reply Posted by ann evans on Friday August 10 2012 at 20:16
it;s about time we had some decent shops in Barnsley . All we have are charity shops and pubs,we will never attract decent people to the town centre if we don;t get some decent retail outlets in town.All we have in town centre are empty shops boarded up buildings and druggies,it is a zoo somebody please do something.

Reply Posted by Jo BEEVERS on Friday August 10 2012 at 21:17
I speak on behalf of all the shops at the top of Shambles Street, we are Every Inch a Woman at 42-44 Shambles Street. Our building has a Blue Plaque as it was the family home of Joseph Locke. I don't think many people know that, and do you younger generation know that Shambles Street has always a historic street and is probably the oldest street in the Town. I may need to check on that!

Barnsley is a historic market town and I fail to see how our Town Planners are utilising this fact. All the shops at the top of Shambles Street have spent a lot of personal monies to make the road into town welcoming. We call ourselves the Shambles Street Gang and we pass any bit of information we can waiting to hear what is going to happen with the old buildings across the road (the old gas and electric shop). We are still waiting to hear from Barnsley Council as to what is going to happen and when, we have attended meetings but they are never followed up.

Please Barnsley council come and have a coffee at our place and spend time looking out at derelict buildings when they could be Pop up shops, craft fairs etc, it really does give a bad impression. I personally invite you ( I have previously but no one came).

Maybe Linda Burgess would like to speak to all the Shambles Street Gang and I would gladly setup the meeting.

Sorry to rant but it's only because I really care about Barnsley and I think we have been totally forgotten! Invite extended to anyone wanting to look at out wonderful building! Thanks

Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Friday August 10 2012 at 22:02
Sorry whos handed this over? the government, CEAG was being demolished before this was announced, if the council didn't own it what gave them the authority to do so?

Great news however that this is going ahead but it doesn't half look a bit fishy being that last syear we weren't getting any of the yorkshire forward asset

Reply Posted by Clare on Saturday August 11 2012 at 14:31
Why would we want an odeon.they wernt bothered when they left us without a cinema for years.what about the pathway cinema.its brilliant.staff r lovely and its good value for money.food is cheap too

Reply Posted by Jeff greasley on Sunday August 12 2012 at 15:21
Well if they sell lend to big companies why won't they let me buy the little strip of land at the side of my home ??? Oh yes Odeon who wants em,let's stick it to em.barnsley council has no idea about anything.grrrrr

Reply Posted by guest on Tuesday August 14 2012 at 14:07
Nice to see the people of Barnsley being as possitive as ever!

Town needs regenerating and has done for a long time. They have to start somewhere and the areas surrounding the train station make the most sense seeing as this is the area people first experience. Has anyone ever got a train south bound? If I was on a train coming to Barnsley for the first time I wouldn't want to get off, everything is derelict and covered in graffitti and rubbish.

I don't care if the council pay companies to come and set up shop in Barnsley! We need it, otherwise this town will die and if you think we are all up a creak without a paddle now just wait to see what happens when the last of the big chain stores pack up and leave. We have already lost BHS, Littlewoods, McDonalds, Wallis...to name a few we really can't stand to lose anymore.

Reply Posted by Lewis on Tuesday August 14 2012 at 15:19
I agree the town needs to be re-developed. I used to live in Barnsley (28 years in fact). I live in USA now. The last time I came back home (2010) with my wife to visit, it was embarrassing to say that I grew up in Barnsley. It looks like a rubbish tip. There was smack head's outside the train/bus station asking for spare change so that they could get their fix. Dog poo on the pavements along with peoples left over unwanted food. The bins were over flowing with rubbish. I'm sorry to say that it felt like people just didn't care about Barnsley anymore.

Reply Posted by Michael on Sunday August 19 2012 at 16:21
It's no wonder the town centre is like it is when you hear the moaning from some people on here... blah blah blah... lets make this a town to be proud of and lets hope all the plans come to fruition soon, because right now what's there to go into town for? We need to be a town to attract those from other towns to visit and right now there is nothing enticing them here. If we listened to the whingers the town would not be touched ever again. We need the big chains here, as well as the independent retailers. I'm proud to come from Barnsley and now lets make it a town that looks like it's loved!!!

Reply Posted by Simon on Sunday August 19 2012 at 23:01
Shops need customers who have jobs and have disposable income to.spend. Sadly with the attitude on.here I fear very few in Barnsley have a positive and aspirational vision of what Barnsley can be.