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Gas Main Works Cause Traffic Delays

Wednesday August 8 2012

Motorists have been warned that gas main replacement works in the town centre will cause delays.

The roadworks start today at Alhambra roundabout and run from Sheffield Road to Westway. They will be in place until August 30.

The works will include lane closures. 

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Reply Posted by NEIL on Thursday August 9 2012 at 08:37
why dont they put everything all in one big under ground pipe ,so they can work on anything that needs diong,and it wouldnt bother anybody,it would cost millions to do this,but im sure it would save billions in long run,be driving on nice roads instead of what we drive on now ,it would stop all the road works gas digging roads up,then week after that electric coming and digging it all back up,then some body else comes and digs it up then,why dont they all talk to each other and say right we digging this street up does anybody else need to do work there ,so they can do it at same time ,,one hole dug one hole filled done simple,BUT NO ITS TOO HARD TO THINK OF,,like that, I THINK THAT MIGHT HAVE SOME AT DO WITH US HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS ALL THE TIME.DIG ONES PAY ONCE,,,,,,,,,,RANT OVER FOR NOW

Reply Posted by SAMIR on Thursday August 9 2012 at 14:27
Neil...You not understand gas electric and water causes sparks in one pipe? I am big boss of big international firm in pakistan so have understanding of such things init. DIG once PAY once sound like good catchphrase madam, but you forget one thing.. council workers 2 lazy, and electric boards profit from this init.