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Bus Drivers Offered Bonus For Driving Standards

Monday August 6 2012

BONUSES will be paid to bus drivers with high driving standards as part of a new initiative run by Stagecoach.

It is part of an 'eco driver' system for Barnsley which encourages driving more efficiently to reduce fuel consumption. 

The new monitoring system senses more than 100 separate manoeuvres and tracks speed, acceleration and braking.

Stagecoach Yorkshire Operations Director Sue Hayes said: “Saving fuel is a key aspect of our climate change objectives and we believe Eco Driver will play a key part in helping us to achieve our five year carbon footprint reduction plan.

“Eco Driver helps Stagecoach staff to reduce carbon emissions and increase road safety standards – and being able to log on to check and compare performance profiles has encouraged some friendly rivalry at depots.“

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Reply Posted by Richard on Monday August 6 2012 at 18:29
Who ever drives no1 bus thro Map deserves a medal.

Reply Posted by STAGECOACH EMPLOYEE on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 10:19
YET AGAIN another incorrect story from WAB - get your facts right before posting and starting a "hate campaign" against Stagecoach drivers with the following Facebook comment "BONUSES will be paid to bus drivers with high driving standards as part of a new initiative run by Stagecoach."

This is a scheme brought in by the GOVERNMENT (nothing to do with Stagecoach)
The bonus isnt to increase the driving standards its so the drivers drive more economically and save the company money on fuel and wear n tear and also reduce the companies carbon footprint to help the environment

So WAB I suggets you remove all the "hatred" & "slagging off drivers" comments from the below threads on your Facebook page as all you do on Facebook is cause hassle and entice hatred


Reply Posted by NickyWAB on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 11:05
Just to clarify the story we used was submitted to us by Stagecoach. As far as I was aware, it was a positive story about becoming eco friendly. I shall take a look at the Facebook posts you've mentioned now but your criticism is unfair when all we've done is try to report a news story for a company!

Reply Posted by Richard on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 11:07
Wooh Just read the FB comments. Now I'm not a bus driver and I rarely get the bus, but every bus I have got on the driver has been fine. I have no problems with busses regarding pulling out on me, as it happens we are suposed to let busses pull out.(used to be in the highway code). Regards times and prices that's got nothing to do with the drivers. I do stand by my previous statement and I would imagine there are other awkward routes.