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Flood Defence Scheme Announced For Low Valley

Thursday August 2 2012

A FLOOD defence scheme worth £1.3m has been announced for Low Valley.

Barnsley Council is in the final stages of negotiating a proposal to be funded by developer Hartwood Estates and the Environment Agency that would see a flood wall built along the side of Hartwood's proposed housing development off Station Road and along the banks of the River Dove to Bulling's Dyke, protecting houses on Station Road and Stonyford Road.

The company has also agreed to refurbish a retaining wall in a poor state of repair.

The plan would need to be approved by the Environment Agency - but a decision is not expected until at least April 2013.

Rsidents on Stonyford Road lost thousands of pounds of property in their garages and back gardens in the last downpour and now some are left without insurance and others with excesses up to £5,000.

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Reply Posted by Sheree on Thursday August 2 2012 at 23:18
IIts about time. We live in fear everytime we have bad weather. And it's not just the flooding it is the damage it leaves behind. It took the firemen 2 hours to pump my garage free of water. And then you still are left with rising damp. I was really wet this time. Luckily my neighbour and I rallied round and decided together we shall live happily ever after in a little rubber dinghy.

Reply Posted by H on Friday August 3 2012 at 08:46
Simple solution -- DON'T LIVE IN A FLOOD RISK AREA

Too many houses these days being built on flood plains

Reply Posted by Leanne on Friday August 3 2012 at 09:14
Replying to the comment above by the narrow minded 'H'!
When you have lived in a house for 20 or more year that has never flooded before until 2007 it is pretty hard to just simply 'not live in a flood risk area' . My parents and many on Station and Stonyford Road have lived there years and years! Way before it ever flooded! So its nice to see that they will eventually be getting a bit of help! Yes I don't agree they should be building on flood planes but seen as my parents and many others are know stuck down there for life it brings a bit of hope that they are at least eventually building some form of defence! Cause let's face it! No one would ever buy their homes if they put them up for sale anyway!!!

Reply Posted by cameron on Saturday August 4 2012 at 10:52
Ohhhhh beeeyff!

Reply Posted by king louis on Wednesday August 8 2012 at 09:12
they are building on flood plains all over Barnsley but just in that area alone..the Wetland reserve on Dearne Valley is not named that because it's a desert and theres now an estate in the dip across from the Bluebell Pub and then theres the new Wombwell/Darfield School that is sited smack in the middle of a food plain..but the council will sell the old school land of both schools on a hillside for major profit....and be enriched by it

Reply Posted by steve on Wednesday August 8 2012 at 10:30
i am sorry too hear about ur floods on ur estate but we in lang ave in lundwood have been flooded out 3 times in 5 years and no one yes no one has help us i think its about time someone held their hands up and took the blame i have lost 2 good friends through the floods and its not just rain water there is sewerage in it

Reply Posted by Samantha on Wednesday August 8 2012 at 11:28
Steve i like your comment and your dead right someone needs to take responsibility for the flooding on lang avenue, from what i can see the sewerage cannot handle the amount of crap going into it, there building all these new houses surely they can build another sewerage somewhere else to take some pressure off the one at Lundwood, its the 3rd time my auntie has been flooded and this time all she's been provided with is a mop and bucket and a bottle of disinfectant to clean the sewage water off the floorboards