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Greenbelt Land Considered For Housing Estates

Tuesday July 31 2012

HUNDREDS of hectares of land across Barnsley has been earmarked for housing - including some that sits in the greenbelt. 

A new document has been published by the council that indicates potential sites for development - and residents are encouraged to have their say on it. 

The 'sites and places' plan maps every inch of the borough, with 681 hectares identified as 'available for economic development' and a further 408 set aside for housing.

Coun Linda Burgess, who is responsible for development, said: "There's a long way to go but the economic strategy is a very ambitious plan, for making sure that we increase the opportunity for jobs to be created in Barnsley and that we make sure there is the right infrastructure, i.e. the sites for businesses to come into Barnsley.

"We are talking about the big businesses which are needed."

Large employment sites are proposed along the Dearne Valley Parkway - near Hoyland Common and Birdwell - and the link road near Grimethorpe.

Other sites near the Dodworth motorway junction and at Birthwaite Business Park, Darton will be extended.

Farmland between Barugh Green Road and Hermit Lane, Gawber, has also been identified as an employment site along with fields near Blacker Hill, sandwiched between the Dearne Valley Parkway and the former railway line, and to the rear of Applehaigh View at Royston.

Coun Burgess accepts there will be objections but said they had to be weighed against the need to create 25,000 jobs to bring Barnsley up to the regional average.

She said: "The big argument is the need for jobs.

"It isn't going to happen overnight, but we have to put all the building blocks in there and we have to make it possible for growth to take place and for jobs to be created."

Barnsley had enough greenbelt to absorb the proposed developments, she added.

"Seventy-seven per cent of Barnsley is in the greenbelt. I would love to know another metropolitan authority that could claim that."

Plans to designate some greenbelt areas as housing land are already attracting objections.

The plan is available to view in Barnsley Library. You can also view the town centre plans here.

What do you think? Have you looked at the plans yet?

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Reply Posted by Carl Snowden on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 11:45
It seems the council are trying to push this through without proper consultation, Staincross, Mapplewell, & Darton are earmarked for lots of housing, but the consultation documents are not being shown in the village !!!
How are people with out computers supposed to comment.

Reply Posted by John on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 11:47
Other my dead body on green belt land once they start that be none left so no way bmbc ever

Reply Posted by gsa on Saturday August 4 2012 at 09:19
I take it that is supposed to say "OVER" not OTHER

Reply Posted by Paul on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 11:59
It's not just a case of throwing up a factory that will create jobs. There's factories been built years ago in fields in Hoyland where I grew up that are STILL empty. Real eyesore and a complete waste of cash !

Reply Posted by caroline on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 12:15
Please voice your concerns
By email to: LDFconsultation@barnsley.gov.uk
By post to: Planning Policy, Strategy Growth and Regeneration Service, BMBC, PO Box 604, Barnsley, S70 9FE
Phone 772606
You must make your comments before 4pm on the 28th September

Reply Posted by archipelego on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 15:15
What an absolutely narrow minded view of how jobs can be created. 77% of Barnsley is greenbelt. How about putting some effort into making this something to be proud off, perhaps by creating wildlife parks, nature reserves and other public green spaces. Why don't the council then market Barnsley as the green island in the middle of grey cities. We've enough brown field sites and empty units to keep us going for years.

Reply Posted by Sue on Thursday May 23 2013 at 06:51
Completely agree, there are lots of unused commercial properties,but ever decreasing green spaces, which improve the quality of life for both humans and our wildlife.

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 15:50
where they build these new estates will depend on how much the building company backhand the council its always the same never mind the residents we just have to live here

Reply Posted by Andi on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 20:45
Houses have to be built somewhere i wont be objecting

Reply Posted by Ruth on Saturday August 25 2012 at 16:01
You've really considered every aspect of this issue haven't you. You should brush up on your punctuation and Grammar by the way.

Reply Posted by Janet. on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 20:46
If the council are wanting to build homes/business why not look at all the land that was left behind when all the pit's closed. There's a perfect sit at Elsecar where the pit use to be. I understand that the land has to be left to settle but Cortonwood was used for a business park so why no do the same with the old pit site at Elsecar? It would benefit the surrounding area, local business & the people wanting jobs that can't afford to travel into Barnsley for work. Why use green belt land when there's lot's of brown land to be used up first.

Reply Posted by maxine on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 21:06
Let's keep what we have left of our countryside!keep on building on the land & when the rains come we'll be more flooded out than ever! That's all they want to do is build,build build!

Reply Posted by Angie on Wednesday August 1 2012 at 06:56
What about the effect on roads,schools and doctors in the areas they are planning to build in.Darton, Mapplewell is already congested with traffic at the best of times plus they have already built on the old woolley pit site.There will be no villages left at this rate.

Reply Posted by lindsey on Thursday August 2 2012 at 08:49
if it was for social housing i think i wouldnt object but if its for housing that is to be sold then i object theres anough empty houses that people carnt afford i think more council housing should be built for the people who need them that way someone benefits but if they start selling greenbelt now where does it stop we should be proud of what we have its lovelly to live here we dont want to be letting our green belt go just for more people to make a profit

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday August 2 2012 at 19:33
Council tax

Reply Posted by jaqui knowles on Thursday August 2 2012 at 20:16
No shouldnt be allowed they dont have the right just because they want it

Reply Posted by mick on Friday August 3 2012 at 21:50
I have great concerns over the future of Barnsley . The council and councillors seem very self centred .And with the growing presence of drugs in the borough, i fear for its future. The council seem to only attrach to the borough low skill low tech low pay jobs. Its a hired a fire them culture . If it was for well paid ,high tech jobs i wouldn,t mind BMBC selling off green belt . But to firms that treat workers like something from the bottom of the shoes NO NO NO . i would sooner plant some trees

Reply Posted by king loius on Saturday August 4 2012 at 08:16
when you're in the pockets of the developers and they are in yours then selling them the best land is the way to do it....even if you have to close children's schools and knock them down to sell developers the land (every school in wombwell/darfield) It was a bad choice to build the kids a new school on the flood plains that cannot have planning permission for housing due to the high risk of flooding every few years

Reply Posted by Mewy on Saturday August 4 2012 at 09:24
More houses built = more council tax
More council tax = more to spend on the town and develop/upgrade

People are moaning there are not enough jobs in the town
Bigger towns encourage larger companies to invest creating more jobs

I'm all for more houses being built

Reply Posted by chuck on Saturday August 4 2012 at 09:29
Did anyone object when ASOS built there warehouse in the middle of green belt land and right at the side of a nature reserve? --- NO

Why not? Becuase ASOS is one of the biggest employers of people in the Barnsley region

Reply Posted by paul on Saturday August 4 2012 at 19:44
Thurlstone... Roads cant take any more traffic. Kids in village refused addmission to tiny local school. villagers want greenbelt. Already no local jobs. WHY BUILD 87 NEW HOUSES. No one wants them here.

Reply Posted by Freeman on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 15:47
Am i the only one reading the news...!? Yes, more affordable housing is absolutely needed, but a rise in council tax to pay for it!!? Are they having a laugh!! Who can afford to pay more council tax...!? Not me, and i'm not even on minimum wage! There are TRILLIONS of untaxed funds sitting in offshore bank accounts, much of which will belong to wealthy british individuals and corporations and corporations doing business in this country who are dodging tax, and arn't british companies!?! GET THE MONEY FROM THEM!!! Stop screwing over the average joe to pay for these rich plutocrats lavish lifestyles! Its time to tell them to pay their own way, and pay us back for the decades when average tax paying people have paid there way for them!! FFS, wake up everyone!! This is the reality...

Reply Posted by John on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 15:47
Over my dead body thanks higher up and it's not small units thats needed there's that many on dole that u could build on all green belt land and there still WOULDENT be enough so I agree with higher up why not try something different like making it a green place not a empty shit hole of units that no one wants or can't afford there's a massive one on Dearn up to rods motorway that's been empty since it got built its a sad day when ppl start talking of building houses for profit on green belt land these company's would make millions but not for tarn that's for sure so I hope every one goes to stop this or they won't be any land left once they start cash talks in back pockets believe me I remember wombwell park was going to b selt off for building land not that long ago where would kids play around industrial units I suspect

Reply Posted by wendy on Tuesday August 7 2012 at 16:23
I~ agree with archipelago

Reply Posted by Donna Jones on Thursday September 12 2013 at 17:13
I feel very saddened at the proposed building on green belt land not just in my village at Royston but in the wider community and Britain as a whole. Once our beautiful countryside is gone it is gone for good. There are thousands of empty houses and factories throughout the land and that includes our area why are these not being regenerated first? Surely no green belt land should be built on until every brown field site is used. Does anyone else feel that this is just big business backed by councils and government doing whatever they please and to hell with anyone who it affects and disapproves of it? One last thing and this is to Barnsley Council - if I wanted to live in a town or city I would have bought a house in Barnsley or Wakefield, I bought a house in Royston because I like living in a semi rural village I and many others don't take kindly to hundreds of houses being built around us without anyone caring what we think.

Reply Posted by Phil on Thursday October 10 2013 at 10:31
Having moved from Manchester to Barnsley two years ago I hope you good people of South Yorkshire appreciate how lucky you are and fight these plans to build on nearly 50 fields ! Dont let apathy win

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