PEOPLE are being urged to object to the removal of dog waste bins in Penistone.

Town councillor Carol Bradbury says the move by Barnsley Council could have a detrimental impact on surrounding countryside.

At a meeting of the Town Council, she said: "Barnsley is planning to remove these bins and I urge everyone to write in the strongest terms against this.

"Bins are overflowing as it is. It's OK to say 'use ordinary bins', but it could have a detrimental effect. Many people come to this area because of the countryside to walk their dogs."

Coun Andrew Millner said issues of duplication were being resolved by removing the dog bins.

Ward councillor Robert Barnard said: "This has come about as part of an audit of waste bins. In the past, dog waste was treated separately, but now both types of content go for recycling and to be converted into pellets for fuel.

"Where there are two bins close together, the smaller one is being removed.

"If there are specific examples of bins overflowing, I will look at getting larger ones for those locations."

Coun Bradbury said some people were putting household waste into public bins.

"And they are full to the top," she said.

Ward councillor David Greenhough agreed that some bins were 'filling up instantly'. "This needs looking at," he said.