A COUPLE were left speechless after they found a frog in their punnet of strawberries.

Luke Bown, 23, of Royston, went shopping with his partner Leanne Anderson, 35, at ASDA on Old Mill Lane last Thursday.

The couple returned home with their shopping and as they were unpacking, Leanne discovered the four-legged amphibian at the bottom of their punnet – alive.

Luke said: “We never usually buy strawberries but Leanne fancied some and she loves big and juicy ones.

“She picked up that punnet and we carried on shopping as usual.

“I was sat in the living room of our house while Leanne unpacked and I heard her scream.

“I went into the kitchen expecting to see something awful and Leanne just kept saying there was a frog in the punnet of strawberries.

“I didn’t believe her at first but sure enough, on closer inspection, there was a little frog staring back at me.

“I was actually surprised to find it was still alive. Leanne poured water into the punnet through the holes as we could see it was frightened and needed hydrating.”

Luke took some photos and shared it social media. The images have been shared more than 1,400 times. They then contacted the store and were advised to return the punnet.

Luke said: “When I got back to store, several members of staff were there to greet us.

“They took photos and then the punnet was couriered back to the ASDA head office in Leeds.”

The strawberries were harvested in Scotland and following an assessment, the frog was released back into the wild.

A spokesperson from ASDA said: “All of our fresh fruit and veg is grown naturally so inevitably we get some visitors tagging along for the ride. This little guy clearly loved our Scottish strawberries a little too much, but we would like to reassure customers that regular checks are carried out to maintain our quality standards.

“We’d like to thank Mr Bown for returning our little friend. “And we are pleased to be able to confirm he’s alive and well and has now hopped off to find a happy new home.”