BARNSLEY Hospice is hoping to attract more lottery members with the chance of winning a rollover.

The lottery, which helps fund the hospice's £1.9million a year costs, currently has 4,500 players taking part in its £1-a-week draw to win £500 or other smaller cash prizes.

It is hoped that more players will be tempted to join by a new rollover draw with a chance to win an additional prize of up to £5,000.

Last year the lottery brought in about £134,000 and chief executive Ian Carey said: “We realise that finances are tight but, because it’s a local lottery, players are in with a better chance of winning.”

The hospice, at Gawber, offers inpatient and day care for people in Barnsley with a life-threatening condition, not only cancer patients. It also offers care in patients’ own homes as well as a range of other services including a support group for bereaved children.

There will be a guaranteed weekly first prize of £500, second prize of £50 and five third prizes of £10, plus a rollover prize which will increase by £100 every week it is not won.

To sign up, ring the lottery helpline on 779382