A BARNSLEY police officer has been praised after she saved a woman who was threatening to jump off the Alhambra Centre.

PC Sarah Botham was on duty inside the shopping centre when she was alerted over the radio that a woman had climbed over security fencing on the fourth floor of the car park and was threatening to jump.

She tried talking the woman down but - at a crucial point when she felt she was not getting through - she grabbed hold of her and pulled her to safety, lifting her back over the barriers.

A police spokesman said: "The woman was standing on a ledge and clearly in significant danger. Sarah took an instant decision at a critical time grabbing hold of the female and started to pull her back from the ledge and over the barrier into the car park.

"Sarah was determined and decisive in her actions and successfully brought this woman to safety."

The woman was detained under the Mental Health Act.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke presented Sarah with a Good Work Notice in recognition of her courage and determination.