CURRENT and ex-members of the armed forces are invited to join a breakfast club which is held every week.

The Armed Forces Breakfast Club meets every Saturday at The Joseph Bramah Wetherspoon on Market Hill to enjoy breakfast and like-minded conversation.

Coun Joe Hayward is the armed forces champion with the council and heavily involved with the group, said: “The group is a great way for people to meet others who they have things in common with.

"Some members of the group have told me that they felt quite lonely before they started coming to these breakfasts and its lovely to see them come out of their shell and make new friends.

“I’ve been involved with the breakfast club for four or five years now when an ex-forces member sent me a letter asking for a breakfast club to be created for military families. I looked around and found one that was already set up so I thought I would help them to bring some new members in and make the club a little better.”

The club has enjoyed visits from mayors past and present as well as running raffles to fund trips. “Our oldest member is 99,” said Joe.

“He is a veteran of the Battle of Arnhem and comes to the club every weekend.”

The breakfast club meets every Saturday at 9am at The Joseph Bramah pub. For more information, or to attend the club contact Coun Hayward at