A MAKE-UP artist will be offering her services for free to girls who cannot afford to get their make up done for prom.

Jo Shaw, 27, of Valley Drive, Grimethorpe, has been qualified in make up artistry for two years and she currently works upstairs at VictorVictoria on Royal Street, Barnsley.

With prom season approaching and Jo aware of how expensive proms can be for parents, she decided to offer prom packages to three girls who will not be able to afford it on their big day.

She said: “Prom season is fast approaching and I have had several enquiries from mothers and students wanting to have their make up done.

“On average, make up artists charge around £35 but it can cost up to £60 depending on which look you are wanting. When you take into account your hair, dress, shoes, transport, spending money and the ticket for prom, it all adds up and the rising costs will be daunting to some families.

“I wanted to offer my service free to put a smile on their face and allow them to feel glam for prom and give parents or carers one less item on the list to pay for.”

Jo is asking any families who wish to speak to her to contact her via a private message on her business page on Facebook, Jo Shaw make up artistry and skincare.