THERE will be changes to the Stagecoach bus service 28 between Barnsley and Pontefract from the end of this month.

Stagecoach held a consultation throughout January where the company proposed a change to the route of the service.

The consultation proposed that the 28 service would not serve Purston Jaglin in order to make the route more direct to help the service improve its poor punctuality.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “Service 28 suffers from poor punctuality caused by increased congestion along the route. We need to make changes to ensure we can provide an attractive and dependable service for all customers. The consultation was open online and leaflets were available to pick up on buses.

“We were disappointed with the response rate and unfortunately only had 153 responses out of 8,750 passenger journeys each week. This is less than two per cent of the average weekly passenger journeys. Out of the 153 people who did respond to the consultation, 107 (70 per cent) were in favour of keeping the service as it was in Purston Jaglin.

“Based on the low level of response to the consultation, we’ve unfortunately had to take the decision to no longer serve Purston Jaglin to make the service more punctual for the majority of customers.

“During the consultation period, the number of passengers travelling to Purston Jaglin averaged 2.3 passengers per trip and is a small number of passengers that will unfortunately be inconvenienced.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience these changes will make to the passengers travelling to Purston Jaglin. Timetables will be available online and in the interchange shortly.”

The 28 service will officially change its route from April 28. For more information, visit