A COMMITTEE of disability activists is raising funds for a unique festival to come to Barnsley.

No Limits Disability Festival will be held in the town and across the borough from July 4 to July 12 next year. The aim of it is to celebrate people who have disabilities and what they can bring to the community.

Jules Horsler is the secretary of the committee - called the No Limits Disability Festival Steering Group said that Barnsley is a ‘great place’ and is ‘very welcoming to people with disabilities’.

Jules, 48, who works for Barnsley Council, lives in Holmfirth but believes Barnsley is the perfect place to host the week long event.

She said: “I am involved on a disability forum called My Barnsley Too. The idea of the festival goes back a couple of years when there was a mini festival and that went really well.

“Disabled people often feel like they are not taken seriously, either that or that we are paralympians. It isn’t often we are seen for the things we do every day.”

Barnsley is a great place but there is a high level of disability here. We thought we should hold a festival to celebrate the contributions of disabled people in Barnsley.”

Jules, who is a wheelchair user and has multiple scelerosis, said every time he goes into town he is always helped out by local residents.

“That’s why we need to hold it here,” she added. “It will do so well.”

The steering group are trying to raise £80,000 to fund the week-long festival, which will not only take place in Barnsley town centre but in the surrounding areas.

The group has been speaking with local museums and tourist attractions and are hosting a stakeholder forum on April 5.

The forum will take place in the Barnsley Digital Media Centre from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

People are invited to come along if they want to help shape the festival, get involved or have their say.Search for No Limits Disability Festival on Facebook for more information or to get in touch with the committee.