A BARBER is raising money for a defibrillator outside his shop close to a main roundabout.

Tony Batty, 53, owns Tony’s Barber on Racecommon Road and after realising how few defibrillators there are in Barnsley, decided to raise money to have one installed outside his shop.

He said: “I was in Sheffield two weeks ago and I saw a defibrillator on Ecclesall Road which I had mistakenly took for a parking machine.

“It however got me thinking that in Barnsley there are not enough defibrillators and I wanted to change that.

“I set up a fundraising page on Facebook and the response has been phenomenal so far.

“Yorkshire Ambulance Service has also been in touch to say it is happy I’m doing this, as the position of the defibrillator is in a prime location, close to one of Barnsley’s main roundabouts.

“We will be buying a defibrillator that is in a cabinet and emergency services will have the PIN code and the public will be able to receive the code in the event of an emergency.

"A defibrillator is vital when someone is suffering a cardiac arrest and I’m happy that we are able to come together to buy this equipment that will save a life. We are also raising money for the maintenance of the defibrillator and I want to thank everyone who has donated so far.”

If you would like to donate visit Tony Batty’s profile on Facebook.