THERE are currently around 50 male domestic abuse victims known to the authorities in Barnsley - although it is expected there are more victims.

An organisation called Independent Domestic Abuse Services has been running Barnsley Council’s domestic abuse services since 2017 and is now hoping to encourage more male victims to seek help, with plans for a conference this year.

They have identified some speakers who have been subject to abuse in the past and are now willing to speak out about their experiences in the hope of encouraging other victims to seek assistance.

Barnsley was unusual in using IDAS to provide all elements of its service towards helping domestic abuse victims, when the service was overhauled. But it has proved so successful a similar model is being introduced in Sheffield, based on the experience witnessed in Barnsley.

IDAS has also expanded their work into schools, to help children living in an environment where domestic abuse takes place but also those who may be subject to peer-to-peer abuse in their own relationships.

Some limited work has also been done in primary schools and the next step is to extend the work among college students in the town.

The aim of IDAS is to put domestic abuse alongside drink driving, as a practice the community at large finds unacceptable.