A BARNSLEY couple are worried they will have to move out of their home because of the 'bedroom tax.' The change - which comes in next April - will mean that people of working age in council or social housing will be penalised for having unused bedrooms and may have to move to a smaller house. Under the new government policy, people will be docked £22-a-week from housing benefits if they have two spare bedrooms and £11 if they have one. Melanie Guy, 42, lives with husband Carl, 43, in a three-bedroom house at Raymond Avenue, Grimethorpe. Both her and Carl are unemployed and receive jobseekers allowance. Carl also has heart, back and bowel problems. She said: "I have been here 13 years. My house is nice, I have spent a fortune on the garden and I am going to have to leave it now. "I have the grandkids nearly every other weekend and they both have their own bedrooms. When I move to my new property where are they going to sleep?" Mrs Guy says she has contacted her landlord, housing association Chevin Housing, and has been put on a transfer list. Barnsley Council said some locals may be entitled to discretionary housing payments and are encouraged to get in touch with the welfare rights department to ensure they are receiving the benefits they are entitled to. Amanda Garrard, managing director at Chevin Housing, said: "Over the coming months, we will be contacting tenants affected by this new legislation and helping them wherever we can. "In this case, smaller properties in Grimethorpe are few and far between but we’ll pull out all the stops to help before the law changes.”