AN Events company who pride themselves in helping charities is asking the public to help them decide which charity to donate their fundraising pot to.

Chrome Events UK, based in Barnsley, are an events management company who work within communities to help build small trade and family days out.

The company also raise money to support various charities and found themselves inundated with charities in need of support.

Knowing they could not raise money to support all charities, Joanne Allsopp, owner Chrome Events decided to set up a GoFundMe page to dictate which charity the pot of money should go to.

Joanne said: “We have had a huge amount of requests from people wanting support with fundraising and as we can’t help each one we have set up a GoFundMe page for everyone.

“We are asking people to donate £5 and comment where they would like the total amount to go. The cause with the most votes in four weeks will get the full amount.

“The idea behind it is the more people donate, the bigger the pot and people can see where the money is going. If it works well we intend to run it as a monthly donation drive.”

If you are interested in donating visit