CHILDREN as young as 11 have been asked to decide on the appropriate use of swear words — including the c-word — as part of a lesson at school. Year seven pupils at Shafton Advanced Learning Centre, were given a worksheet called ‘Acceptable or Not?’ which listed situations including: using the c-word, telling your friend to f*** off and shouting f*** off across a classroom, in a shopping centre or in assembly. It also asked pupils about saying s**t, calling someone a d***head during a lesson, making comments like ‘it’s pi**ing it down’ and telling someone to bu**er off. The words were not censored and pupils were asked if it was ‘always ok, sometimes ok or never ok’ to say the expletives, or if ‘it depends’. The project was part of a study on language and respect which had been delivered to all students in years seven to nine. “As part of our social responsibility we are educating our students to understand what kind of language is appropriate, at what times and in what contexts.” It added 700 students have taken part in this class and there had been no complaints from parents or students. But Peter Foot, chairman of national organisation, the Campaign for Courtesy, said: “It’s extraordinary thing for a school to do. It’s appalling, and whether it was an individual or a group of teachers who issued the worksheets, then you worry about the wisdom. “Someone should have said ‘hang on a minute, do you think it’s wise to print these words and circulate them?’ “What about a sealed letter home to the parents? And if anyone is offended, then don’t do it.” What do you think? Is it acceptable or not? Join our debate by commenting in the box below.