POLICE responded to almost 500 calls from Barnsley Hospital in a year, according to latest figures which rank where demand for officers comes from.

The hospital topped the list with 474 calls, followed by Asda on Old Mill Lane which saw staff call police 398 times between December 2017 and November 2018.

Barnsley Interchange came third in the list with 214 calls and McDonald’s on Old Mill Lane, saw officers respond to 200 reports during the period.

Kendray Hospital, Premier Inn, Morrisons at Westway and Tesco at Stairfoot completed the list - with antisocial behaviour, missing persons and shoplifting cited as three reasons why demand has been high.

Chief Inspector Darren Starkey said: “Our neighbourhood policing teams are demonstrating effective, tangible progress in helping to make our communities safer.

“Our problem-solving approach continues to have a positive impact with the highest repeat demand locations and missing persons.

“We have documented our approach to tackling the demand generated by the top highest repeat demand locations in Barnsley.

“This work will continue as we recognise there is still much to do."

Time spent by officers at the hospital equated to more than 1,200 hours a figure which must be reduced, according to police who say they are working alongside the NHS to cut demand.