SOLICTORS are being appointed to move forward on Barnsley Council's negligence claim against the architects who worked on the Civic revamp. The council believes it has a 'fighting chance' of recouping part of a £7 million overspend. Council leader Steve Houghton said costs for the redevelopment of the Grade II listed building spiralled from £11 million to £18 million due to unforeseen structural problems. He said: "The building needed much more work doing to it than anticipated, something the architects, Allen Tod, should have known about at the time." Solicitors Walker Morris will help pursue the claim against the architectural firm. Coun Houghton added: "The architects should have known the problems at the time and we believe it should be making a contribution towards those costs incurred. "I'm confident some of the money can be recouped and I think we do have a good case against them. "I don't think we'll recoup all the money, we're talking about £7m, but we want a good chunk of it back. With this team on board we have at least have a fighting chance."