ALMOST 200 arrests were made throughout December by police during their campaign to stamp out incidents of drink and drug driving.

Between December 1 and January 1, officers across South Yorkshire stopped over 1300 vehicles to carry out breath tests and drug wipes.

Around 955 breath tests were carried out and 121 drugs wipes, which test for the presence of drugs in someone’s system.

Temporary Chief Inspector Phil Barraclough, from the force’s Operational Support Unit, said: “As a result of this dedicated activity on our roads in December, we arrested 194 people for a range of offences, which of course includes driving while unfit through alcohol or drugs.

“Operations like this are vitally important in order to continue to raise awareness of the dangers of drink or drug driving.

“The fact that we arrested nearly 200 people out of 1333 vehicles stopped, shows that nearly 15% of people we stopped were committing a criminal offence and believed it was appropriate to drive while under the influence.

“Every year, there are campaigns that highlight the consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. That single decision can have life-changing consequences, in the very worst cases resulting in loss of life.

“We will continue to support operations such as this and even though the festive operation is over our officers will maintain a visible presence on the region’s roads. The targeting of road users under the influence of drink or drugs will always remain a priority in our continued efforts to keep people safe.”