PARENTS are being encouraged to reduce the amount of sugar ther children consume.

Barnsley Council is supporting the latest Public Health England Change4Life campaign, “Make a swap when you next shop” to halve their children’s sugar intake from some everyday food and drinks.

Nationwide, children are currently consuming around 2,800 extra sugar cubes per year. They have already exceeded the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18 year old by the time they reach their tenth birthday, according to Public Health England (PHE).

This is based on their total sugar consumption from the age of two. Making simple everyday swaps can reduce children’s sugar intake from some products (yoghurts, drinks and breakfast cereals) by half while giving them healthier versions of the foods and drinks they enjoy.

Parents can try swapping:

▪a higher-sugar yoghurt (e.g. split-pot) for a lower sugar one, to halve their sugar intake from six cubes of sugar to three;

▪a sugary juice drink for a no-added sugar juice drink, to cut back from two cubes to half a cube;

▪a higher-sugar breakfast cereal (e.g. a frosted or chocolate cereal) for a lower sugar cereal,to cut back from three cubes to half a cube per bowl.

Coun Jim Andrews said “The latest figures for Barnsley show that some 31.2 percent of our 10 to 11 year olds are overweight which is significantly better than the national average of 34.2 percent.

“However, 2.6 per cent of our local children aged between five and nine years old have had to have teeth removed in the hospital due to tooth decay. The national figure is 0.7 per cent.

"I encourage all Barnsley parents and carers to take a look at some of the easy ways they can help their children consume less sugar and teach them how to make healthier choices that stay with them for life.”