THE spirit of Christmas has been especially sweet in Silkstone...For once again, a caring ‘elf’ was busy on Christmas Day delivering a seasonal treat to villagers.

Bags of sweets were left attached to door handles with a label saying: ‘Love from the Silkstone Elf’.But the identity of the well-wisher remains a mystery.

People living in Martin Croft were among those who received the quirky gift.

Resident Judy Turner said: “For the last few years we have had a bag of sweets left on our door handles on Christmas Day.

“It is very intriguing. It started a couple of years ago. My neighbour found sweets attached to her door but we didn’t get any that year. However, the following year we did along with others who live nearby.

“Someone is so kind to be doing this. It seems the whole of Silkstone is involved.”

The goodie bags include cookies, a chocolate bar, ‘Easter eggs’ in gold paper and a heart-shaped chocolate.The bag then has a label with a picture of an elf and the message saying ‘with love from the Silkstone Elf’.

“It is a total mystery but it is very kind,” said Mrs Turner, 80.

“I don’t think it is just elderly people who get the bags, but the village in general.

“And the elf has gone to so much trouble to make and label the bags.

“Whoever you are, we want to say a big thank you. God bless and we hope you have a loving and peaceful New Year.”