POLICE are reminding owners to keep their dogs under control over the Christmas period, as the number of attacks post men and women are facing is alarmingly high.

The festive season sees an increase in visitors to homes, whether this be friends and family, or postal workers trying to delivery mail and parcels.

If your dog bites and injures a person, you could be liable for prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act, regardless of whether the incident has taken place in public or on private property.

PC Rebecca Robinson, a Dog Legislation Officer, said: “Consequences of a prosecution could include the seizure of your dog and a destruction order being issued at court.

“We work closely with agencies like the Royal Mail as well, who reserve the right to suspend delivery of mail if a dog within your property is deemed a risk to their staff.

“South Yorkshire Police is working with the Royal Mail to reduce the number of dog attacks on their staff, which are unacceptably high in our region.

"Remember that your dog is your responsibility. Dog attacks can be extremely traumatic for the victim both physically and psychologically and the consequences for the dog and owner can be devastating.”