RESIDENTS are being urged to be vigilant of disabled residents after statistics reveal an alarming level of hostility towards those with a disability.

On Monday it is International Day of People with Disability, a day dedicated to empowering them and people who support them to create real opportunities.

Around 56 per cent of disabled people say that they have experienced hostility, aggression or violence from a stranger because of their disability, condition or impairment.

Barnsley Adult Safeguarding Board wants to raise awareness of the day and urges people to be vigilant every day of the year when it comes to spotting and reporting signs of hate crime and mate crime against people with disabilities.

Coun Margaret Bruff said: “The word ‘bullying’ understates the seriousness of an incident that involves intimidation, persecution, terror, fear and harassment.

"Being called a name because of prejudice may appear to be trivial, but if it happens all the time to the same person it becomes damaging and can affect self-esteem and confidence, reinforcing feelings of difference. Intimidation such as this happens constantly in the daily lives of people with disabilities."

Anyone who sees abuse or has concerns about someone’s safety, is urged to report it by calling 01226 773300 or emailing