AN ENERGY tarriff dedicated to Barnsley residents is being launched next week.

The Barnsley energy tariff, which is part of Barnsley Council, promises to provide residents with fair, transparent, competitive prices and deals.

The council will be leading the way as ambassadors for the new tariff by switching council houses on to the tariff when they become empty.

This will include removing all pre-payment meters and replacing them with smart meters which means new tenants can benefit from better deals on their energy as soon as they move in.

Coun Roy Miller said: "We’re absolutely delighted to be launching the Barnsley energy tariff and hope to see many residents making the switch over the coming months.

"With around 11,572 households currently living in fuel poverty across our borough, the launch of our own tariff provides a great opportunity to reduce these figures by helping our residents access fairer energy deals that are right for them."

The scheme is not-for-profit and goes live on Monday November 12.

If you are interested, register at