A CAT will have to have it's tail amputated after being brutally attacked.

Terri Eyre, 24, of Blythe Road, Wombwell, made an appeal on social media after her cat, Kobi, went missing last Friday.

Kobi turned up after 24 hours but had been kicked so hard on his back that he lost the function of his bladder and will need several operations to recover.

She said: “I just laid on the sofa downstairs on Friday because I couldn’t sleep for worry. When I opened my eyes Kobi was just sat on the stairs. I woke my partner up and when Kobi tried to walk towards us his tail was dragging on the floor and he couldn't walk properly.”

Terri took Kobi to the vets and was told he had suffered an injury to his tail and back end which in turn means he can no longer go to the toilet on his own.

Terri said: “From the evidence on him the vet stated he has been held by the tail and kicked up the back side. I asked the vet how they knew it was a person and they explained that the injuries were not consistent with that of a dog or other animal attack.

Terri is trying to raise £1,000 for vet bills as Kobi is currently having to go to the vet everyday.

Terri said: “Kobi is only nine months old and needs all the help he can get all because of someone who thought it would be a great idea to attack my cat for no reason. Â Myself and Kobi will be very grateful if you help in his recovery and show that these people who hurt him are not enough to keep him down as our pets are not just animals but they are family.”

If you would like to donate, visit: gofundme.com/help-kobi-to-get-well-again