A GOOD-HUMOURED family have spent two years building what they think is Barnsley's smallest bar. The Tate family, from Ardsley, have converted their garage into 'Tate's Bar' which has a full size bandit, a mini wurlitzer, two beer pumps and all the spirits, flashing lights and even a sign. Dad Graham, a taxi driver, said the grand opening last night was a family affair with wife Tracy pulling the first pint and son Aaron drinking it. He said: "I'm throwing down the challenge now - I reckon we've got Barnsley's smallest bar. It seats a grand total of three. "We've been at it for nearly two years now, doing bits here and there. So it was nice to finally get it open, all my mates are wanting to come and try it now." Do the Tate's have Barnsley smallest bar? If you know of one smaller, comment in the box below.