A BARNSLEY village has been shortlisted for the title ‘England's favourite conservation area'.

Elsecar, is one of only 18 to be selected from nearly 250 nominations across the country. The award, by national charity Civic Voice, aims to showcase the UK's best-loved historic places and the local communities that help to make them so special.

Elsecar is known and loved by many people across Barnsley for its historic buildings and green spaces. Yet, it is only recently that the true extent of its role in England’s industrial story has started to be understood.

Designated as a conservation area in 1974, Elsecar has seen many of its historic buildings and green spaces carefully restored, with support from Barnsley Council, the local community and many other partners.

It has recently been designated a Heritage Action Zone and a Great Place (along with nearby Wentworth) in recognition of its unique and important heritage.

Matt Gladstone from Barnsley Council, said: “We're delighted that Elsecar has been shortlisted as one of England’s favourite conservation areas. We are very proud of our heritage and our local communities which make this area so unique.

"I urge the residents of Barnsley and South Yorkshire to vote and help give Elsecar the national recognition it deserves.”

To vote for Elsecar visit BigConservationConversation.com/vote-for-ca. Click on the photo of the area you want to vote for (look for the picture of Elsecar’s Rhubarb Row) and then click on the heart at the top of the page.

Voting closes on Tuesday October 16.

The winner of the public vote will be announced on Friday October 19.