A MEMORIAL service to remember babies who have left the world far too soon will be held this Sunday as part of Baby Loss Awareness week.

Barnsley Hospital’s annual Baby Memorial Service will be held on at 2pm in the Barnsley Hospital Chapel.

There will also be a remembrance activity in the memorial garden, and afternoon tea will be served in the chapel afterwards.

Baby Loss Awareness week runs from October 9 to 15. The end of Baby Loss Awareness week is marked by the National Wave of Light, it will take place on Monday October 15 at 7pm.

During the wave of light, people light a candle and leave it to burn for one hour in memory of babies who have died during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Maternity staff at Barnsley will be giving tea-light candles to staff and also women who attend the unit/community appointments each day from tomorrow to October 15 to raise awareness of baby loss and the associated risks.