POLICE are appealing to youths after reports were made that they have been jumping on a care home roof.

The Barnsley West Neighbourhood Policing Team are appealing to a number of teenage youths from the Lundwood area not go on to the Care Home roof at Grange Lane.

They said in a statement on Facebook: "Your behaviour is having a detrimental effect on the elderly residents at this location. This is causing upset and distress to the residents and care staff.

"We also appeal to the parents of these youths to ask your child to stop this behaviour now, that is if you are aware of what your child is up to. Just think!

"If one of your grandparents or family members was in a care home, how upset they would feel from having to hear a group of lads jumping on the roof, shouting abuse towards residents and staff members.

"Not only is this behaviour unacceptable, but also you are placing yourself in danger by climbing on a steep roof."