A SPECIALIST nurse will be in The Alhambra Centre this week giving advice on how to detect rare forms of cancer.

Lisa Smith, head and neck specialist at Barnsley Hospital, wants to raise awareness of the lesser known cancers.

In Barnsley around 40 people a year are diagnosed with a cancer of the head and neck including cancer of the eye, ear, oral cavity, nose, salivary gland and voice box.

She said: “It is often the case that people are unaware that such cancers exist and quite often the symptoms that they present with can be regarded more as troublesome rather than life threatening.

"We need to raise awareness so that people can be diagnosed earlier –giving a greater chance of a positive outcome.

“The problem with head and neck cancer is that often treatment cannot be hidden under clothes but is visible for all to see.

“Head and neck cancer is now not a disease that occurs only in later years, patients are presenting from as early as their teens. This is not surprising as we live in a culture where smoking and drinking is being adopted at a much earlier age."

The awareness stand will be across from TK Maxx Thursday and Friday (August 9 and 10.)