BARNSLEY Council has bid for funding to buy two electric cars to make staff visits greener. It has already trialled the 'Twizy' by Renault and is preparing a bid to DEFRA for two vehicles for use by staff. The Twizy can be charged off a standard mains supply, has a range of 100km and can carry two people. Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman, said: “We are committed to finding more environmentally sustainable ways of undertaking our business. "Daily business travel is part of that. Through these short term trials we aim to gather information on the potential benefits that will ultimately influence the vehicle type we hope to purchase should Defra grant funding. If the bid is successful, this will enable the purchase of two electric vehicles that would be used where the benefits are greatest. “If our employees have choices such as these, even in such limited numbers initially, it does provide an alternative option to the high dependency we have on petrol and diesel.“ The council will find out in October if its bid has been successful.