A RIDER whose horse was spooked by a bus received a nasty message from a depot manager when she complained.

Kelly Loades' horse ended up an embankment at Blacker Hill when a Yorkshire Tiger went past.

Kelly, 26, of Mitchell's Terrace said: "Me and my mum Christine were wearing high vis jackets so the driver could clearly see us.

"There was no regard for us and although I signalled to the driver to slow down, she just ignored us."

Kelly contacted the firm on Facebook and received a response stating the depot will be putting up posters to remind drivers how to pass horses.

The following morning, Kelly received another message, this time from a Facebook account claiming to be a Yorkshire Tiger employee which read: "Keep your horse off the road you silly cow."

Kelly said: "Apparently she is the depot manager and I'm disappointed someone in her position would contact a customer and voice her personal opinion."

Since then, Matthew Ashton, area managing director for Yorkshire Tiger has said: “We have investigated both the incident on the road and the alleged response from one of our employees.

"Specifically with regards to the direct message our investigation has proven this account does not belong to our employee and has been set up to impersonate them.

"We have asked Facebook to remove this account and wish to apologise for any distress this has caused both Ms Loades and our employee.”