A LOCAL business that transforms vans into campers has managed to re-employ the staff it was forced to make redundant. Kustom Sport Ltd, at Carlton, converts VW T5 Transporters into one-off luxury campervans - kitting each one out with fixtures like Italian leather seats, pop-up flat-screen TV, mood lighting and a drinks cabinet, with a price tag of up to £30,000 each. The business - started 20 years ago by Jean and Gary Benson - started out selling carpets for caravans and motorhomes. Custom campers was added to the business last year when the recession prompted carpet orders to plummet. Gary said: “I’d always built campers as a hobby so it seemed a natural activity for us to go with. It’s definitely been a good decision. Three staff we had to lay off when things were tough have now been taken back on and we have 13 employees again.”