SOUTH Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) are reminding road users not to mix drink or drugs with driving or riding ahead of the World Cup starting tomorrow.

With many pubs and venues showing live matches, SYSRP will be out warning people about the physical consequences of collisions and stress the lasting impact that drink and drug driving has, both on the lives of victims and their families, and on the drivers themselves.

Though there is a legal limit to how much alcohol can be in a person’s system before they can drive, it is impossible to say how many drinks or units it will take to reach it. It is also possible to still be over the legal limit the following day.

An average liver can process approximately one unit of alcohol per hour, starting one hour after drinking has stopped. This means that if someone drinks 12 units, it can take them roughly 13 hours to fully sober up.

Joanne Wehrle, Safer Roads Manager at SYSRP, said: “We have faith! England are going to score plenty over the next few weeks, but for us the most important goal is making sure everyone makes it home to see the next match."