BARNSLEY men are being encouraged to switch to a more healthy and active lifestyle.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive’s (SYPTE’s) sustainable travel team - Inmotion! - will promote the range of free activities on offer across the region helping people to get active as part of their daily commute and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The promotion is part of Men's Health Week, which aims to raise awareness of health issues that affect men and encourages them to regularly check them out.

SYPTE’s Sustainable Travel Advisor, Matt Dutchak said: "I’ve always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing but I have never really considered how I could incorporate and achieve my daily exercise into my work-life routine.

“A small change to your lifestyle can have huge benefits on your health and wellbeing, for example getting off the bus one stop earlier to have a longer walk, or cycling to work one day a week”.