TEENAGERS who wreak havoc with antisocial behaviour at ASDA and McDonald's on Old Mill Lane could be handed civil injunctions by the police.

The teenage groups, aged between 13 and 16, have previously caused trouble in the town centre. They were handed civil injunctions preventing them from entering town centre however they have since been congregating around the retailer and fast food chain in recent months, according to a crime meeting held at Asda on Monday.

Incidents have included urinating and defecating in the street, intimidating and verbally abusing shop staff, open drug dealing and taking, and aggressive behaviour including shouting, swearing and fighting.

Sgt David Baines said: "It’s been an area of concern for a long time. The people causing problems are the same ones who have been responsible for issues in the town centre.

"Civil injunctions have been handed to them by the town centre policing team, but that’s brought them down to Asda and McDonald’s so we’re looking into that and what we can do."