A NEW campaign has been launched by Barnsley council in a bid to encourage residents to get healthy.

#ActiveTravel has been launched to help residents consider how they travel when they go to school, work, or even nip to the shop.

Throughout the month, the council will be reminding residents of the resources available for to all ages and abilities which can help people to ditch the short car journeys and consider active travel.

One of the services available is the Barnsley Cycle Hub, located in the Barnsley interchange, which offers offers a range of cycle support services and a loan a bike facility.

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “It’s important we promote the resources available in Barnsley which can help our residents help themselves to get healthy.

“Small changes like not using the car for short journeys, walking or cycling the kids to school, even using a scooter, can really help get fit and stay a healthy weight, improve mental health, limit pollution, reduce congestion and improve road safety.”