PING pong tables will be springing up across Barnsley in aid of the Ping! street table tennis festival.

Over 17 ping pong tables will be set up across Barnsley and it is the third consecutive year the tables have come to town.

The Ping! festival will offically launch on Saturday June 9 and you will be able to play at various locations including the Better Barnsley Shop, Alhambra shopping centre, Central Library, Cannon Hall and Elsecar Park.

The tables will be delivered by Table Tennis England and is funded by Sports England, meaning It is completely free to use, people can just grab the bats and balls provided, find a willing opponent and get playing.

Coun Roy Miller said: “We hope to see people of all ages enjoying this year’s Ping! festival. Over 9,000 people joined in last year and this summer we want even more people to discover how much fun the game is."