BARNSLEY Council has warned that sandbags will not be available to all residents who need sandbags to protect their homes should buy their own. It said it has a small stock of sandbags but added that residents will be advised to purchase their own sandbags from local builders' merchants. A spokesman added: "The council maintains a small stock of sandbags, but these will be issued only during an emergency to residents who are at imminent risk of flooding and/or in response to a flooding incident." The council added that the onus is on the resident to prepare; it is only where there is an imminent risk of flooding that the council’s emergency response teams can act. The spokesman added: "Even in this situation the council’s resources are limited and the response teams will prioritise attendance to the most needy location, therefore residents must appreciate it may be several hours before there is any response to what starts of as a non-urgent issue. "Where sandbags are provided they are given to protect ingress to the habitable part of each property, note this would not include garages, sheds, greenhouses or gardens for example, these would remain vulnerable to flood damage. "This is why the council encourages residents to make their own flood resilience plans, not only for where there is a risk of a river bursting its banks but also from flash flooding where drainage systems can get overwhelmed."